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This Special Communication presents evidence on elevated prescription drug prices in the US and suggests strategies to enhance pricing competition and generate evidence about cost-effective alternatives. Read the article at: (Click Here)

Nano Health Helps Patients find Lowest Prescription Drug Pricing is dedicated to helping you find the best prescription drug price in your area, while saving you as much money as possible! How do we do that? Simply put, our technology and relationships are what enable us to pass the savings onto you.

Pharmacies are constantly calculating and updating Prescription drug prices due to many factors including, cost of acquiring the drug, operating expenses, pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) reimbursements, and changing demographics of the US population. is connected to databases that compare prescription prices and get discounts at local pharmacies to help you find the best deal while finding the most up-to-date prices. What's better is that this service to our patients is 100% free, and super-fast! All you have to do is:

1. Simply (Click Here) to find the lowest price Prescription Drug (Rx) near you. 2. Enter the name of the drug and your zip code. Hit the "Click to Save" button 3. Enter the form of the drug (ex. Tablet or Capsule) the Strength and Quantity. 4. Print out the Discount Drug Coupon displayed to the associated pharmacy you chose, with your Doctor's Prescription to receive your prescription at that price.

This is just another Health Savings Benefit Nano Health Associates provides our patients to empower you in the fight to lower your health care cost.

Noteworthy: You can use the Discount Drug Coupon and have it count toward your deductible. Simply keep track of your cash payments and submit receipts to your insurer to get credit toward your deductible.

There is no additional registration required. Your medication search and/or purchase information is not collected, tracked or sold. It Is Completely Confidential.

This is not associated with your insurance program, but a discount program for prescription drugs. If you have insurance, the prices are often lower than insurance. It's a good idea to show your pharmacist both the Discount Drug Coupon and your insurance card.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to bring the Discount Drug Coupon with you to the pharmacy every single time. Even if the pharmacy may keep the card on file, the discount codes change from time to time so it is always best to provide current discount codes to the pharmacy at each visit.

As you will soon see, the Discount Drug Coupon is honored at over 60,000 pharmacies including: CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Costco, Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Shopko. Also included are most regional grocery store chains like: Kroger, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Giant, HEB, Wegmans, Meijers, and many more. Most independent pharmacies are also included.

You do not need to enroll in their savings clubs or use their in-house discount programs. Discount Drug Coupon is all you need to get a low price. The pharmacy must enter the codes from your Discount Drug Coupon to get your discount. Another question is: "I have Medicare Part D. Can I still use Discount Drug Coupon? Your purchase will not apply toward your Medicare deductible.

The Discount Drug Coupon price is honored when the pharmacy enters the discount code into their system. Retail prices or insurance prices are not shown. These are negotiated prices for our patients using the Discount Drug Coupon discount codes.

Using the Discount Drug Coupon can save you money every time you pick up a prescription. Even if you have another insurance card, you coupon may be able to get a better price using Discount Drug Coupon, so always show it when purchasing a prescription.

Interestingly, If I have insurance, your prices may be different from those shown on the drug price comparison tool. Often the discount codes will result in better prices than your insurance price especially if you have a high deductible plan or if your drug is not on their drug formulary list. Simply ask the pharmacist to check the price using your insurance and the Discount Drug Coupon codes to see which one is best for your purchase.

A question we often receive is, "Can I get discounts on Brand and Generic drugs?" Yes. Many name brand drugs have generic alternatives. When a generic is available, the drug price comparison tool first displays the prices for the generic drug. To change between generic and brand name prices, simply click the tab on the price results page. Many generic drugs can be purchased for $4 or $10 with cash discount pricing. Special pharmacy price lists are also included to help you find the lowest possible price.

Also, if you are paying over $100.00/ month for prescription drugs, there is Help for you. The Rx Advocacy program helps people get high cost prescriptions at low or no costs. Please see the Rx Advocacy page for additional information.

Discount program. This is not insurance.

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