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Diagnosing Estrogen Dominance, What You Need to Know!

Estrogen Dominance
Estrogen Dominance is when you have too much estrogen relative to progesterone. Some women can suffer from the symptoms of estrogen dominance for 10 to 15 years, beginning as early as age 35.

By RITA KAZIEVA, RN, BSN, MBA, Head of Medical Coaching Services.

Since the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance mimic many other possible conditions, it is important to rule out any other possible cause of your symptoms. This is done through a thorough evaluation, assessment and blood tests. Saliva testing may also be done and is at times the preferable method for assessing hormones.

If you are experiencing certain symptoms of Estrogen Dominance, before making any changes to supplements, medications or lifestyle, you need to start by confirming the diagnosis with your physician or a health care provider. This will give you a baseline result to go on. Maintaining a log of your symptoms, your diet and your supplements as well as medications will help you and your physician/healthcare provider identify the diagnosis.

You need to be your own advocate and take your health into your hands. Ask questions until you get all the answers that you need. Find a health care provider who will listen and is knowledgeable regarding Integrative Medicine.

It is important to know what to expect during your first appointment, whether it is through telemedicine or on site. You need to provide your history including your family history, current symptoms, current diet and exercise regimen. You need to also discuss your stress level and your current coping mechanism. If you have any test results, it would be helpful to provide those as well. When you discuss your symptoms, please be sure to mention all your concerns, even the most embarrassing ones. I assure you that it is not something that an Integrative and knowledgeable health care provider has not heard before. This is important eve if you believe that a particular symptom is unrelated to Estrogen Dominance.

While blood tests will demonstrate the free as well as the bound hormones in your body, saliva tests will measure the free and available hormones, which will give the healthcare provider a better picture and a more accurate diagnosis. Saliva tests may be done at home with an at home saliva test kit by swabbing the inside of your mouth and following the directions on forwarding it to the lab. This is a non invasive and less expensive way to check hormones and may be the most accurate way.

Different labs vary in the timeframe that you will obtain your results. If you choose to get your blood drawn, you may receive your results within one week. Saliva tests may take a little longer, depending on the lab that you use. Your results may be then discussed with your healthcare provider. Obtaining your results promptly will ensure that you receive your diagnosis timely and will be on your way to a healthier you!

RITA KAZIEVA, RN, Head of Medical Coaching Services at Nano Health Associates. Rita specializes in a Comprehensive Personalized Approach to health care for women, helping you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. She encourages you to make healthy choices; teaching people about wellness, balancing body systems and nail down your medical issue. Her health coaching skills help women through every stage of their life. As your Personalized Nurse Health Coach, she brings her vast clinical knowledge of patient/client assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of care and outcomes for all health conditions.

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