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If you knew there was something inside you that made you more likely to have a heart attack, what action would you take?If you wanted to avoid having a heart attack and live as long as you could in good health, you most likely would take steps to prevent that heart attack from happening.If you were overweight, you would diet. If you smoked cigarettes, you would quit. If you were a heavy drinker, you would probably reduce your alcohol intake.

At NanoHealth Associates in Hollywood and Miami Beach, doctors can have you tested for genetic markers that can tell you whether you are predisposed to certain illnesses and diseases.

While patients may be in seemingly good health and symptom-free, genetic markers allow doctors to determine what may lie ahead for those patients.

Such testing can reveal whether you are more likely to suffer from arthritis, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

“Sometimes things aren’t quite all that rosy,” said Dr. Adam Splaver, a cardiologist with NanoHealth, of patients who appear in good health.

But the benefits of knowing what your health future might hold can be a valuable tool.
It can help you and the doctors at NanoHealth develop plans and regimens to decrease your chances of becoming ill, even if you are genetically predisposed for certain diseases.

The information gathered from genetic markers can empower doctors and their patients and set them into action.
NanoHealth Associates can help you develop diet and weight loss programs, exercise regimens and supplement plans to help fight off disease.

Contact NanoHealth to start taking charge of your health.

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