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Nano Health Associates Is Dedicated to Combining Cutting-Edge Medical Care With Personalized Care For Outstanding Patient Service.


The Cardiovascular specialists of Nano Health Associates doctors have access to the most advanced technology in cardiovascular imaging and testing to help identify and treat conditions sooner. Additionally, our cardiovascular clinicians are actively involved in investigating more effective ways of diagnosing and treating cardiovascular disease using our unique collaborative approach that allows them to create Personalized Treatment Plan based on each patient’s overall medical need.

At NanoHealth Associates of Hollywood and Miami Beach our goal is to promote heart health so patients don’t have to deal with heart disease and other health problems that come with age.
A healthy diet, exercise and quality sleep are key steps you can take now to ensure you and your heart remain healthy for years to come.

At NanoHealth, cardiologist Dr. Adam Splaver is part of the three-physician team that will help you develop a plan to stay healthy and avoid problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and other conditions that can lead to heart disease.

NanoHealth can help you take preventive measures to lower your risk for heart disease. The latest in blood testing and other genetic and biological markers can also help detect heart and other physical problems.

Regular screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can also alert doctors and patients to potential problems.

Lifestyle changes can improve your heart and overall health. Some steps NanoHealth can help you take are:

  • Quitting smoking: Smoking thins arteries and reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. It increases blood pressure and forces the heart to work harder. While smoking any number of cigarettes per day is bad for your health, the more you smoke, the higher your risk for heart disease.

  • Exercise: Exercise as many days as you can, ideally between 30 minutes and an hour. Even small things such as gardening or choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator can help.

  • Diet: NanoHealth can help you create a diet plan that is best for your heart and health. Obesity is a key precursor of heart disease.

  • Sleep: Most adults need seven to nine hours per night.

”Sleep is unfortunately something we’ve taken for granted,” Dr. Splaver said.

Doctor Splaver has been interviewed by television journalists about the importance of heart health for women. He earned his medical degree from Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his residency was at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.

To start work towards a healthy heart and lifestyle, contact NanoHealth and Dr. Splaver today.

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